Acid Etched Concrete Designs, DYI Instructions, Ideas

One of the newest hot trends for flooring is acid etched concrete. The great appeal of acid etched concrete floors is the endless possibilities of gorgeous designs, durability and ability to withstand heavy traffic areas.

A special type of acid, usually muriatic acid is applied to clean concrete surfaces or environmentally friendly products (recommended) that clean and etch such as
Krudkutter,Eco-Etch Pro and others  are commercially available.

Special stains are available in an array of colors; red, blue, green, brown and just about every color and shade in between with many being natural shades. Be sure to purchase the same dye lot number. When used on two different concrete surfaces, there will be different variations of the color. Because stains react differently to the compounds in the concrete variegated, marbleized, or stone-effects are created.

Concrete Acid Etching Instructions:


Plan ahead:
•  Test the concrete slab for the presence of moisture and alkali.
•   The outcome of your project will be more successful with proper planning.
•    If laying out a tile pattern, start in the center of the room after carefully marking the center point- measure carefully to maintain a square pattern. Starting out-of-square wall will result in the entire pattern being off. Start in the center, work your pattern towards the wall where it will be less noticeable where it runs off.
•    The quality of your concrete is important when deciding on your look. Rough concrete will look better in a natural stone look such as travertine or slate, smooth surface concrete can produce a high gloss marble appearance.
•    Results are limited only by your imagination; stenciled patterned borders and inlays and “wood look” concrete may be obtained.
•    To achieve smooth concrete you may need to coat it with a concrete based self leveling product; follow the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully.

Safety Items:
•    Protective eyewear
•    Protective clothing
•    Rubber gloves
•    Rubber boots

•    Muriatic acid is undiluted hydrochloric acid and is extremely dangerous to use. Read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions carefully.
•    When diluting the acid, always add the acid to the water-NEVER- add water to the acid (this can result in an explosive chemical reaction that can cause you personal harm).

   Instructions for Muriatic Acid Etch:
•    Remove dirt, oil, grease, and most other petroleum-based contaminants with a good Oil and Grease Emulsifier.
•    Clean, scrub and squeegee the concrete floor; allow the floor dry.
•    Score the concrete or stencil a pattern by laying down masking tape to outline your design.
•    Press the masking tape firmly to the concrete and roll firmly with a small hand roller (wallpaper or flooring roller).
•   Spray the acid wash stain using spray bottles, a garden sprinkler can or pump sprayer (acid will cause a foaming action).
•    Repeatedly rinse with baking soda/ water solution until the brown residue is completely removed- rinse, rinse, rinse again.
•    Apply sealer when the floor is completely dry.